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Ballet Memphis: Multimedia Presentation

Multimedia Presentation 

As I was creating this presentation, I imagined myself from the perspective of the Artistic Director of Ballet Memphis. I imagined the Artistic Director giving this presentation at an orientation meeting for the Board of Directors’ Advisee Committee, perhaps at the beginning of a new season. The Artistic Director might give this presentation as a call to action and encouragement, as she explains the mission, history, staff, company, and community influence. This presentation is equipped with audio only through the introduction, as that was all that was required for this unit’s work. It is simply an example of my first experience with the Prezi platform.

Ballet Memphis: Everyone Matters

If I were to create a professional Prezi presentation, I would either include audio throughout the entire presentation, or I would use Prezi as my “powerpoint,” while delivering a memorized speech.

Personally, Prezi is not my favorite form of presentation for a speaking engagement as it is quite flashy and can become distracting to the audience. However, it can be very beneficial as an outlet for teaching, speaking, or presenting online.


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