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Valentine’s Day Wreath

In the western world, I feel like Valentine’s Day is one of the most controversial holidays. People either love it, enjoy it, or absolutely hate it with a very fiery passion. On the one hand, we have those who think it’s sweet; they acknowledge the holiday, get something nice for their special person (or treat… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Wreath

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The Better Artist

Hello, everyone. As a general rule, I’m not going to use my blog to simply express personal thoughts. However, I’m between projects and sessions right now and these thoughts seem apt. (No, I’m definitely not about to express anything politically related). Since my junior year of high school, seven years ago, I’ve followed a blog… Continue reading The Better Artist

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My Morning Routine

Over the next month, I plan to implement a regular morning routine. Since graduating from college last May, I’ve gotten in a bad habit of not waking up in the morning. I’ve never been much of a “natural” morning person. If I wake up early in the morning, I enjoy it immensely, especially watching the… Continue reading My Morning Routine


Ella’s First Birthday

“If we all could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything.” -Unknown Meet one of the sweetest little girls in the whole world. Her name is Ella and she just turned one! Okay, so she turned one right before the holidays, but I wanted to wait… Continue reading Ella’s First Birthday

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How-To: Gift Wrapping

The holidays in December aren’t the only reason we wrap gifts. It’s certainlyΒ the time of year I wrap the most gifts…turn on the Christmas music, lay out the wrapping paper and the gift bags, and have my own little party! We give gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and occasions that deserve “congratulations,” such as graduations,… Continue reading How-To: Gift Wrapping


Homemade Holiday Cards

Two years ago I started my own personal tradition making handmade holiday cards. It’s like making little unique gifts for friends and family. But before I share the fun I had crafting them this year, I’d like to share some thoughts the process brought about, regarding handwritten notes in general. Let’s talk about the art… Continue reading Homemade Holiday Cards

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Passing on the Flame

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a tradition is “an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior.” In other words, a tradition is something informally passed on from generation to generation. Traditions can be of different natures, religious or social. Sometimes we participate in traditions without even realizing they’re traditions! Traditions are often… Continue reading Passing on the Flame