Jenna & Micah

Jenna & Micah’s “Be Mine” Valentine’s Session


Believe it or not, this was my first “official” couple’s session. About five years ago I took my sister and brother-in-law’s engagement photos, however, this was the first time I set out feeling half-way confident I could deliver the kind of photos Jenna and Micah desired. (I got really lucky five year ago to have great lighting, forgiving subjects, and a decent camera!) Now, I certainly feel like I have a far way to go and much to learn, but at least there is a sense of confidence in where I’m going as a photographer. We all have to develop our own style and rhythm.


Jenna and Micah are just so cute. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jenna for about a year now and Micah a little less than. Jenna is a 1st grade teacher with contagious laughter, the biggest heart, and a truly beautiful outlook on life. She is a constant reminder of encouragement and perseverance. I would love to be a little kid in her class, soaking up all that sweetness. Micah is a hoot–be prepared for lots of corny jokes, bad timing, and random jingles. Put these two together and you have quite the pair. I had so much fun catching their laughter on camera, especially the moment when Micah accidentally sneezed in front of Jenna’s face…oops. 

We had the perfect weather the morning of the shoot. It was breezy but not cold and after about the first twenty minutes the sun came out. Micah actually had this location in mind; It’s a random little patch of serenity in a Temple Terrace neighborhood close-by. When the sun came out and started peeking through the trees, it was glorious.


I made the banner for Jenna and Micah the night before the session. Brown cardboard, burlap, stick-on letters, and some leftover string from my holiday gift-wrapping made for a subtle Valentine’s Day feel to some of the shots.

This session was so much fun and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to capture Jenna and Micah in this phase of their lives and their relationship. You can feel the love and admiration they have for one another and yet they also just love to have fun and spread their happiness with everyone around them. I think we can all learn a thing or two from these sweet friends and their infectious attitude…even simply from scrolling through their beaming photos.





Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

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