The Chandler Family


According to Merriam-Webster, a mentor is a “trusted counselor or guide.” No matter our age, I think it’s extremely important for us to have mentors–those who we can go to, confide in, and know they’ll give us dependable advice with only our best interest in mind. Two of the many mentors in my life include this sweet couple. Over the past four years I’ve come to value their friendship and love their five little ones (three of which will not be little for too much longer!). We met at Riverhills Park in Temple Terrace, FL over the weekend and thankfully, the weather was beautiful and not too hot; we caught the sun right before it set.

As you scroll through their photos, each person exudes happiness. It didn’t take much asking for the kids to break out in big smiles! As I’ve come to learn, it can get a little crazy with five kids, each with a distinctive personality and unmeasurable energy. But that’s also the very part of what makes their family so much fun.

It was an honor to capture family photos for them and hopefully continue to for years to come!







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