The Winslett’s


I met Brenden and Lizzy at Lettuce Lake Park last Saturday evening. On the way there I was super excited because the sun was warm and bright and I was looking forward to those golden hour beams of light peaking through the trees. And then, about 20 minutes before six o’clock, gray clouds rolled over the park…Hope was certainly not lost, but we were racing what light we had left before the park closed.

The Winslett’s are are a fun couple. On the evening of the session they were both a bit more reserved than normal, but then we started talking about the week that had just ended and realized we were all exhausted! This spring has been a whirlwind!

About to celebrate their 5-year anniversary, Lizzy asked me about taking her and Brenden’s photos a couple months ago. Brenden had a major health scare from his diabetes around the first of this year. After his recovery, they determined together to make some major changes. Between the two of them, they’ve shed around a hundred pounds! But the changes they made were the right ones and their smiles tell all.

The whole time, I was cracking up at the faces they made at each other and the moment when Brenden started hanging from the tower and wrapped his legs around Lizzy just to be silly. Despite the exhaustion, they still found ways to laugh, have fun, and be their goofy selves. I loved the opportunity to share this hour with them and document the result of such amazing accomplishments they’ve concurred together, in 2017 and for the past five years.









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