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Rainy Day My Dearie



The past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind! I started a new job, still keeping hours with my old one, and was preparing for my participation in a musical.

I’m now working full time as a real estate photographer, which makes me very excited. This time last year, I never would have imagined where my career path is seeming to be headed these days…real estate photographer, looking into getting my real estate license next year, saving up money to one day flip homes and do design work, and even dreaming about opening my own business one day. It’s crazy, but it feels amazing. Now my work with music and non-profits is supplementary and for personal reasons, because I’m passionate about these things in a different way. Last week I performed as one of the brides in a Broadway Comes to Camp (BCTC) production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It was an amazing experience; BCTC is always my favorite week out of the year and this year in particular I came away feeling like I made some invaluable friendships.

But now it’s back to the grind, back to working fifty hours a week, back to my photography, and back to the blog.

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Scotland or Ireland, do not, by any means, pass it up. The summer after my freshman year of college I had the opportunity to do so and have spent much of the past five years yearning to return. The second to last day of our trip to Acadia made me feel as if we’d leaped across the pond. The sky was perfectly calm and grey, mist was in the air, and everything was so vibrantly green. It was beautiful. We decided to spend the day outside of the park because of the rain, but it didn’t put a damper on a thing.

Our first stop was St. Saviour’s Episcopal Church, originally built in the 1880s. Twelve of the stain glass windows, including the largest, were designed by Tiffany and installed between 1886 and 1907. When we first stepped inside, a member of the congregation was playing the organ (watch the video at the bottom of the post to hear a sample), which was quite a treat.

After walking around the church and looking at all the intricate stained glass, we decided to drive toward Seal Harbor and see a bit more of Mt. Desert Island. The winding roads and the fog wafting through the trees was simply magical. We saw dozens of beautiful sea-side mansions from the Victorian era, too tucked into the trees to snap a picture of them. When we got down toward Seal Harbor, we pulled off on a side road and it lead down to a smaller docking area. There was something about the fog over the water, the lobster traps, and the boats not far from shore that struck me as inspiring.





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