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Penobscot Territory

Well this is it, the final piece of the Acadia trip on the blog. I shared details from this trip for many different reasons. Of course one of those reasons was to share some of my photos from the week. However, more than anything this trip was inspiring to me and I hope what’s been shared can be of some inspiration to those who’ve read about it.

I was hit with some new realizations during this trip than I’ve experienced in previous ones. For the first time in my life, I experienced a trip completely comfortable in my own skin. Between my attitude, eating habits, opinions, physical appearance, and desires, I actually felt…secure. I suppose before the trip that realization was surfacing, but it wasn’t until we were away from the regular routine that it sunk in and stayed put. I was traveling with my parents, yes, but I was traveling with my parents. There’s a difference, and that difference felt so good and so inspiring to carry with me all the way back to the sunshine state.



The entire trip was one I’ll never forget, but our last day in particular was one for the books. To start, it was my birthday and there’s no where else I’d have rather begun my twenty-third year. It was also the last day of our trip, so I chose to go on a longer hike up to Penobscot Mountain.

The idea was to hike up Penobscot and then go on a little further to Sargent Mountain, creating about an 8-mile loop total. We knew we would have to play it by ear though because my Dad wasn’t feeling the best. After reaching the top of Penobscot, we decided to cut the loop a little short and head back.

I’m not going to lie, by the end of the week I was sore in places I didn’t realize I had muscles, from hiking purely over granite the entire time! It’s so interesting how the granite just permeates the entire park. It’s an unexpected aspect of being in that area of the country. All along different sections of trails we would pass these monstrous boulders. There were areas where seas of boulders were precariously stretched up the side of the mountain as far as the eye could see and I couldn’t imagine how in the world they came to be there. And then, to make it to the top of the mountain and look out toward the sea– the power of creation is humbling. Every National Park is so unique and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to spend some time in this one.

One last note before I leave you with photos from the hike. I’m excited for what’s in store for Emma Christine Creative and the blog next, including some recent renovations to my apartment, new gluten-free vegan recipes, and some insight into my new career path. Until next week! —

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