Fall Decorations for the Budget Conscious

It would be rather interesting to find out the percentage of readers here who are in the same position as me, thinking to yourself, I really hope I'm going to be able to pay my next insurance bill, and pay rent, and buy groceries. It seems like every third thought I have these days is somehow … Continue reading Fall Decorations for the Budget Conscious

Model Mining

Yesterday I went "model mining" with a friend of mine at the new Bexley community being built in Land O' Lakes. Let me tell you, these homes are jaw dropping gorgeous. Of course when it comes to builder models and new construction, these models are the creme de la creme--the best updates, best staging, etc. … Continue reading Model Mining

Branding and Blogging: EC.Creative

To go along with the recent theme of change and growth I seem to be experiencing, I decided to make a couple changes to my branding. So far, I haven't been as consistent as I should be with my pricing structure for photography and other services and my brand encompasses a LOT of different things. This … Continue reading Branding and Blogging: EC.Creative

Back in the Swing of Things

Last weekend I experienced the "initiation" into being a true Floridian: bracing for the impending path of a hurricane. Hurricane Irma hit the Tampa area last Sunday night, and needless to say, last week and this week have been completely consumed with hurricane related things (and rightly so). Last week was all about preparing for … Continue reading Back in the Swing of Things