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Model Mining

Yesterday I went “model mining” with a friend of mine at the new Bexley community being built in Land O’ Lakes. Let me tell you, these homes are jaw dropping gorgeous. Of course when it comes to builder models and new construction, these models are the creme de la creme–the best updates, best staging, etc. They’re meant to attract buyers and show what you “could” have” (if you want to spend an extra 200k on every upgrade imaginable of course, ha).

However, for those of us who dream about design and home renovation, they make for a great morning. And of course, they make for the perfect real estate photography practice.

Visiting these homes made me think of an event I grew up going to called “Homearama” (https://bialouisville.com/signature-events/homearama/). Homearama isn’t a country-wide thing. The BIA Louisville website describes it as, an annual event in Greater Louisville showcasing custom-built new homes that are fully-furnished, decorated, landscaped and feature the latest in building trends, technology and interior design.” It’s been happening annually in Louisville since 1968. So, if you ever find yourself in Louisville in the summertime and you like seeing outrageously cool homes, you don’t want to miss it. I didn’t bring up Homearama to pitch it to you, I was just reminded of it while we were touring through the builder models. Going to that event was part of what peaked my interest in homes and design.

Now that I’m done rambling, here’s a few of my favorite photos from yesterday morning and if you want to see more, you can visit the Real Estate Photography page. If you’re an agent or seller looking for a photographer, please see my pricing and contact me for an appointment! 

We didn’t get to go inside this one, but the outside was too beautiful not to grab a shot of it!
Builder: David Weekley
Builder: WestBay
Builder: Cardel

This one had my favorite indoor decor. The colors are fun, but tasteful, and it’s just slightly funky while still be classic. Photographing the kitchen was a dream.



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