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Good ‘ole Picture Days

We’ve all had those moments when you say something and then the moment the words leave your lips you want so badly to take them back. Well I did that in the midst of taking photos of a teenage guy. I was trying my best to connect with each kid and help them feel comfortable, remembering how awkward school pictures used to be. As I was trying to tell this young man how to sit on the stool, I said, “Just turn your body that direction and face only your head toward me…you know, like a good ‘ole school picture.” Before he even responded, I felt dumb, and then he replied, “But I’m homeschooled.”

Thankfully, we both laughed and that was that and I didn’t say anything else embarrassing the rest of the morning…at least his smile was genuine from laughing at my mistake.

If you’re like me, you dreaded taking your annual school photo. The pose was always awkward, the picture never looked complimentary, and they made me show my teeth…ugh. I never would’ve guessed that one day I’d be on the other side of the camera taking the school pictures, but last Friday I got the opportunity to do just that for HATT–Homeschool Around Temple Terrace.

This isn’t all of the families involved in that homeschool group, but everyone was so sweet and it made my job a lot easier! Here are a few of my favorites from each family.

The Steffani Family

The Lopez Family

The Knisley Family

The Williamson Family

The Saffold Family

The Eskut Family

The Clements and Purdy Families

The Cooper Family


Hope everyone is having a wonderful school year!

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