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Megan – University of Tampa Senior Session

The afternoon of the shoot it seemed like nothing was going as planned, and then it started to pour down rain. I had this vision in my head that we’d get these amazing sunset, golden hour shots right by the canal in downtown Tampa with the buildings in the background and the sunset reflecting off the cityscape. Instead, the forecast was total clouds and possibly more rain. But Megan didn’t care and we soon forgot about the overcast skies and our race for good light and simply had fun.

University of Tampa is a beautiful campus and it fit Megan well. She is a bookworm, so we were bummed not to be able to get some pictures inside the museum, but she also loved the architecture of the building. Perhaps the photos may speak for themselves.

I’ve know Megan and her family for a couple years now and they are such good, kind, people. It was an honor to capture this milestone in Megan’s life and I can’t wait to see the wonderful things she’s goes forward to accomplish.


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