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The Sunflower Princess: Flower Crown DIY

This project came about after I got a new part time job working for a photography studio.  The company has an actual studio location, but they also send out photographers to schools for school picture days. If you follow my Instagram page @emmachristinecreative, you’ve seen some of my stories about taking school pictures.

At elementary schools the photographers wear some kind of head piece, which is a fun way to get the kids’ attention. Instead of buying something, I decided to make mine, and naturally, my first thought involved large flowers.

This was my first time making a flower crown, so it was a fun experiment! And I got a good response after wearing it to work last week–the other photographers thought it was cute and the kids seemed the like it too!

I suppose this is my version of posting something costume related for the month of October. You could totally make something like this to compliment a costume for a princess, hippie, or fairy. You could add some antlers to it for a deer or other animal, or, go for a “darker” idea and add some skull makeup for a day of the dead look. I even saw a picture of a Frida Kahlo costume with a flower crown…the possibilities are endless!

  • One bouquet of faux fall flowers
  • Wired twine
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Wire cutters
Truly, laying out all the materials before starting a project or a recipe is not just something I do to take a picture. It’s a good feeling to assess what you’ve got before embarking on a project. You may have a vision or new idea come to you seeing everything laid out.
All of these flowers were cut from one bouquet of faux flowers and I definitely didn’t use them all. The leftover ones will be used for another project!
The foundation of choice for my flower crown was this hard-wired twine. It actually worked very well, and it’s just bendable enough to shape to your head. Below is a picture of what it looked like after I measured it for my head. Then, I twisted it together so that there was a better platform for the flowers and greenery.


I decided to start with the largest flower, which would become the focal point of the crown. I stuck the bottom of the flower into the twine and put a dollop of hot glue on it. This process was basically repeated for all the flowers.


After placing the sunflower and leaves on either side of it, I started adding other flowers on each side of the sunflower. You can see it a little bit better in the picture below–I used those bright green leaves to cover up the hot glue from attaching the others. Like the twine, they are wired and I was able to shape them to curve around the rest of the flowers and twist the stem around the twine in between them. 


I actually love that it’s a little lopsided–like, the sunflower is bigger than the red flowers and berries and it’s not centered. It makes the overall picture more visually interesting.
The one thing I might do differently next time would be to spend a couple extra dollars on using actual floral tape to secure the flowers on the twine. It would look nice to cover up the hot glue more efficiently that way.


Happy Crafting! 


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