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DIY: Fair Trade Trivets


Last week was CRAZY y’all. First of all, my one year old nephew had his 1st birthday on Friday night which I planned, decorated, and photographed. (I’ll be sharing photos from the event later this week hopefully.) Also, I began a new opportunity working with a shop in Hyde Park Village, assisting with visual design, merchandising, staging, and sales. The shop’s soft opening was last Thursday evening! Photos are to come about that as well…so this post is coming about a week later than I had planned.

A good friend of mine, the same sweet friend who helped me with the window hanging,  works part-time at West Elm and asked me to come take photos of a Fair Trade Craft the store hosted last weekend. I couldn’t be at the actual event, which was held on Saturday morning, but they needed an example made beforehand. So I went in that Thursday evening and was able to take my time making one and getting photos.


Fair Trade is a subject that could take over this entire post, so I won’t do that. However, if you don’t know much about Fair Trade around the world or haven’t taken the time to read about it, please do so. If reading isn’t your thing, watch a documentary about it. One of my favorites is “Plastic Planet.” You can watch it easily through Amazon Prime.

The documentary does a great job at raising awareness about the affects of the fast fashion industry and the degrading conditions of the workers who make the items. Thinking about it makes me feel sick to my stomach. We are so far removed from the problems in other countries that it causes us to have an out of sight, out of mind, mentality and it’s unacceptable y’all.

So, even though West Elm isn’t a completely sustainable, fair trade company, at least they are starting to make efforts to raise awareness and change some practices. It takes small steps to create big change.


These felt trivets are one of those small steps. Each felt ball was hand rolled. Do you know how long it takes to roll one of these?!? My goodness.


And of course, you can’t come to Hyde Park Village without getting a cup of Buddy Brew coffee. 


Now it was time to try my hand at this…I laid out the pattern, read the instructions on the left, and just went for it! 


Amber’s hand modeling career has taken off nicely these days. 


Basically, you just thread the needle through the felt balls along each row and then diagonal the other way until they were all secure and connected. I tried to thread it so that the tread didn’t show on the outside of the trivet, but it wasn’t easy!


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