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The Fannin Family


As a photographer you have moments when the importance of what you’re doing really sinks in. I read another photographer’s blog post just recently where they shared the same thing. This feeling hit me multiple times during the Fannin’s family session last week.

Technology has advanced to a point where we have these amazing tools, cameras, that can freeze a moment in time and allow you to look back and carry those memories with you for the rest of your life in a more tangible way. I love the fact that families have started booking annual professional photo sessions because kids grow SO MUCH in just one year. That is time that you never get back. So, how cool! I get to be the one to capture that current age and stage. It’s a huge honor, not to mention humbling, to see the changes from year to year.


So I’m not going to lie, I was stressed at the beginning of this session. It had nothing to do with the Fannin Family, except for the fact that they are good friends and I had put pressure on myself to deliver photos they would love. The stress happened because when I got to the location for the session, the sun was still really high in the sky…my silly brain didn’t connect the dots. Open field = Full sun.

Switching gears from the harsh sunlight, we started the session in the shade near this really cool pile of wood and I crossed my fingers that by the time we transitioned out to the field, the sun would sink a bit.

Also, a huge thank you to the family who let us invade their property for the session! As we were trying to decide on a location, Mandy kept saying she wanted the photos to feel more like fall instead of “obviously” Florida. This open field definitely did the trick.



You can’t tell in the photos but there was a second moment of panic…alpacas! Once we got out into the field, we were not prepared to have alpacas follow behind us at about a two feet distance. It was hilarious and scary all at the same time. The boys were getting a little freaked out because we were told that if the alpacas spit on us, it would smell! Eventually they got bored and went on so perhaps it was a blessing in disguise–they knew we needed the sun to set!


Tim and Mandy and their sweet boys hold a special place in my heart and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to share an evening with them dedicated to capturing their family and love for one another.





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