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Jethro Turns One


My nephew is ONE!! It has officially been two weeks since the party, but I had the honor of planning, prepping, decorating, and photographing the event. And let me tell you, it was an EVENT…but who cares if I went a little overboard, he will never be one again!

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.22.26 AMAs you can tell, the theme of the party was “Under the Sea.” The first thing to do was to get together with my sister and hash out the details, which we did about a month and a half before the date of the party. We spent probably an hour or so that day creating a Pinterest board of ideas, from decorations to food to a guest list. She gave me their budget for the party and a week later I delivered a document with the proposed plan, along with the design for the Invitations. I knew that their style was not to have something overtly extravagant but to simply elevate the occasion’s importance.

Laura said something that has stuck with me–First birthdays aren’t just a party. When Joe and I got married, the guests at our wedding were people who had influenced our lives leading up to that day and by inviting them, we were calling them to be witness to the rest of our lives. Similarly, a first birthday is a call to that for Jethro; those who have influenced his first year of life and we hope will be there to see him grow and mentor his life.

That’s what this whole thing was about, so that’s what I wanted the preparations to reflect as well.

We had a collage wall with photos from throughout Jethro’s first year and of his family.


There was a time capsule station where we asked each of the guests to write something for Jethro–a note, piece of advice, a memory, or even a prediction. Laura and Joe will give it to him when he turns 18.
Huge shoutout to K.L.Lettering for the amazing chalkboard! I probably could have spent hours trying to do this, but Kara is a good friend and so talented at calligraphy. It was a no brainer to ask her if she’d do this for the party. Click the link to visit her Instagram page: @


This banner goes from 1 to 11….one picture for each month of Jethro’s first year!


For food we did a Chili bar! Two kind of Chili, one veggie and one regular. For the toppings bar we had regular cheese and sour cream, vegan cheese and sour cream, avocado, jalapeños, black olives, green onion, hot sauce, salsa, cilantro, Fritos, and tortilla chips. We also had veggie trays, tea, water, and coffee. Some did the traditional bowl of Chili with toppings and others got creative and went for a plate of Chili Nachos!
Jethro’s cake and the cupcakes were all allergen free! That means they were gluten and dairy free. The cupcakes were just simple vanilla and chocolate. The cake was vanilla cake with vanilla cinnamon icing. I iced the cake and the cupcakes the day of the party. The cake was fun. It didn’t turn out exactly how I had envisioned, but everyone thought it was still cute. We used crushed graham crackers to look like sand and the border was blueberries.


Until mom and dad showed him the actual cake and icing part, Jethro seemed more interested in the blueberries!



This event gave me a chance to serve and I couldn’t have done it all without the help of my family, especially on the day of the party! My mom made both pots of Chili, Laura gathered all of the photos for the banner and the collage wall, and my dad and brother-in-law handed me things while I was up on a ladder for several hours tacking decorations into the ceiling.

The preparation for the party included five different projects–two different banners, the time capsule, sea animal pom-poms, and the collage wall. Stay tuned later this week for How-To posts on the blog. I’ll be sharing my process for the banners and the sea animal pom-poms.

Planning Jethro’s special day was so much fun and he deserved every bit of it and more!


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