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DIY: A Transitional Tablescape


With summer now a distant memory, and Thanksgiving just passed, we want to make a conscious effort to continue to be present in this special season leading up to the Christmas holiday. At the same time, there’s no shame in indulging in a bit of home decor.

And so, I’ll share how we celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend in a way that can easily transition our gathering table from Thanksgiving to Christmas with just a few changes. Last year, I shared some helpful tips in Holiday Centerpiece: Thanksgiving and Holiday Centerpiece: Christmas. Both of those are great examples of centerpieces that are not contained. This year, my design style has expanded and so has the table scape!


Always start with what you have. I pulled all of the faux florals used in last year’s center piece to tie into this year’s vision.

Also collect other various seasonal greenery and foliage. The thing that was missing from last year’s arrangement was ample greenery, and I was determined to use some real florals this year, so I collected some various types of eucalyptus and magnolia leaves.


Some Tips and Tricks:

  1. Choose an interesting vessel to hold your arrangement.
    • I went to a local salvage yard and found this wooden box
    • If you’re creating a centerpiece for a large table and can’t find a container long enough, use multiple small containers
  2. Measure and cut floral foam oasis to fit the bottom of the container.
  3. If you’re using all fresh florals that need water:
    • Line the bottom of your container with plastic. (Check with your local florist for wooden floral boxes, which already include a plastic liner)
    • Soak foam oasis in water and place in your container
  4. Use candles of different heights and thickness
    • I used real, unscented, candlesticks
    • We didn’t have candlestick holders so I used the foam oasis to anchor the candlesticks and placed the florals around the candles
  5. Start with larger greenery and use the smaller greenery to layer until the foam oasis is covered
    • I started with the white, pine cone stems, and fall leaves
    • Then filled in with the larger eucalyptus
    • And lastly I added the silver dollar eucalyptus
  6. Ensure all sides look balanced with thickness of the florals
  7. Keep in mind that you never want your centerpiece taller than what your guests can see over.




For a simple transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas with this centerpiece, I will remove the Fall florals (pine cones, white, and fall leaves) and replace with pine, boxwood, and perhaps some cranberry stems.

The dinnerware will simply be switched out for Christmas plates or china. For Thanksgiving I went with a setting that was slightly more casual; burlap, linens napkins, and lace and mason jars for glasses made for an easy-going gathering table.




I hope by creating a gathering place that is easy to transition from one holiday to the next, this inspires you to be present during the holiday season and soak in every minute with those that you love.

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