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Twelve Month Sunset Session


Ever since I became more serious about photography I was pegged as the “family photographer,” and all the other designated family photographers out there will know exactly what I’m talking about. However, I have also lucked out having family who is sensitive to not just expect me to do things at the drop of a hat; there are times when I just want to be part of something and not be the face behind the camera.

When it comes to my nephew Jethro, though, I will never refuse capturing him through the lens. This little stinker turned one last month and we finally had an opportunity to take his one year photos. I met them right after work last Friday and we grabbed a window of light just before sunset. It turned out to be beautiful!

Jethro isn’t walking fully yet but his standing, clapping, laughing, kisses, smiling, and declarative hand gestures certainly keep you entertained!









I’m so proud to be his Auntie Em and watch him grow and see Laura and Joe as such wonderful parents. You see the world a little more clearly through the life of a child, that’s for sure.

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