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DIY: Blessings Board


I have no shame in admitting that it was tricky getting a good photo of this DIY project. You may have noticed the low chandelier in this dining space in my last project post, DIY: A Transitional Tablescape. Quite a few DIY projects have ended up on the walls in this area and that chandelier always gets in the way, I digress.

This year, we wanted to do something a little different for the holiday season and start a new tradition. If you remember from my nephew’s birthday party, I did a wall dedicated to “A Year of Love” and arranged an assortment of photos from throughout his first year as a tribute to everyone who has been an influence in his life and our lives since he was born. That got me thinking, and instead, came up with what I called a “Blessings Board.”

We were never into the tradition of going around the Thanksgiving table and verbalizing what we’re thankful for. However, the holidays are a major time of reflection and it’s beneficial to recognize how we’ve been blessed and influenced throughout the previous year. This board is a way to do just that without feeling pressured to speak up in front of everybody else.

I left a marker on top of the roll of paper and at leisure, everyone contributed and went back to read what everyone else wrote. We’ll leave the Board up until after the new year and continue to add to it. And really, this is something you could do all year long!

To make your own Blessings Board, you’ll need:

  • Piece of wood
  • Hand Sander
  • Sand paper (120, 180, 220, depending on how smooth you want the wood)
  • Rod
  • Small D-rings and nails (also used in my Window DIY)
  • Brackets and screws to attach the rod to the wood
  • Roll of brown paper
  • Garland Decoration for the top (optional)


Step 1: Sand down the wood


I found this piece of wood at a salvage yard for very cheap. I picked a piece of cedar because I knew the grain and color would be pretty after it was sanded down. 

Originally, my plan was to paint these letters and then attach them just above the rod. Once I attached the rod and got it up on the wall with the garland decoration, I decided that the letters weren’t needed. This paint worked great though; I was painting on metal with no primer! It took a couple coats, but the end result was very pretty.

The wood, rod, and metal brackets I used all came from a local salvage yard here in Tampa. The same place I got the vintage Window in my previous DIY.

Step Two: Attach the D-rings to the back of the wood. Attach the brackets to the front of the wood. 

I’m in love with my DeWalt drill. I’ve already used it for multiple projects and it’s very easy to use. I also got a great deal on it at the time of purchase. If you have a slightly larger budget for Christmas this year, I highly recommend it.

Side note: all links and recommendations are my own and unsponsored. 

Step Three: Hang the wood
Step Four: Slide the roll of brown paper onto the rod and then slide the rod into the brackets. I pinned down the bottom corners of the brown paper with wooden thumbtacks.


I chose to decorate the top of the board with a garland that would tie into our Thanksgiving and Christmas table scape (you can find some tips about creating your table scape here), however that is totally optional!

As our family and friends gather throughout the remainder of the year it will be refreshing and thought provoking to read the things we all write up on the Board. And who knows, maybe we’ll just keep it up year round!



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