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Year in Review 2017



Do I even dare to reflect on everything that’s happened in 2017? In short, no. No one wants to read that. But if you’re someone who enjoys reflecting at the end of each year and preparing for the new year, perhaps this will be an encouragement to you of some sort.

This year was a whirlwind. No matter how old we are everyone goes through constant change, however, this year has been the most impactful for me in life so far. I hesitated to claim that, but then began looking at photos from throughout the year and believe it to be true. This time last year, I felt comfortable. Now, not so much, but that’s because this year has opened too many new paths and opportunities to count and pushed me out of my comfort zone like, “hello and welcome to adulthood!” Between completely changing career paths, the growth in my photography, turning twenty-three in Maine, watching my nephew grow and start walking, to experiencing the death of a grandparent and feeling like I could go broke any second, this year has taught me patience. If anything, it has only breached the rim of lessons in patience and there’s no doubt in my mind there will be plenty more to come. But this year has shown me who I can depend on with unwavering faith and made me excited for whatever is ahead.

I had a lot of fun going back through the photos documenting the changes throughout this year. The blog has been a huge blessing. I’m so thankful to have kept it going and see the value in that and hope that those who follow my journey are benefitting from it too.

Here are my favorites from throughout the year and I’ll see you all in 2018!

Tapping into Product Photography


It was a great learning experience expanding my portfolio to product photography, visual merchandising, and retail design!

Alamwar Holiday Set

Hyde Park Debut: Alamwar Soft Opening


Fun Gluten-free and Vegan Recipes



There are going to be a lot more recipes next year I hope!

Gingerbread Whoopie Cookie Cream Pies

In the Kitchen with Zucchini, Part 2: Carrot Zucchini Flax Muffins

In the Kitchen with Zucchini, Part 1: Double Chocolate Zucchini Brownies

Gluten-free, vegan, what?

Projects and Events


So many fun projects! I started off the year a little obsessed with making wreaths, and ended the year planning and executing my nephew’s first birthday!

Valentine’s Day Wreath

DIY: World Map Mount

Jethro Turns One

DIY: Blessings Board

DIY: A Transitional Tablescape

The Sunflower Princess: Flower Crown DIY

How-To: Salvaged Window Headboard

Fall Decorations for the Budget Conscious



Bar Harbor at the beginning of the summer was one of the best trips of my life and some of my favorite photography to date. St. Augustine in the fall was the perfect mini-roadtrip.

South to North

The Bubbles

Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

36 Hours in Historical St. Augustine, Part One

36 Hours in Historical St. Augustine, Part Two

Real Estate


This certainly wasn’t the only real estate photography I did in 2017, but these are my favorite shots! The majority of real estate photography is not quite as pretty…haha

Model Mining



And finally, what a privilege to have worked with others this year to capture their special moments.




Happy New Year!

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