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Living Intentional in 2018


It’s officially 2018. Every year we (as in all of humanity) countdown to midnight on New Years Eve and “ring in the new year.” Most people make New Year’s resolutions and goals as if the start of a new calendar year means we can wipe the slate clean and start over. In a way, we can. To me, it’s a similar feeling to birthdays; it’s appropriate and good to recognize and celebrate, but I never actually feel different. The only thing that’s truly changing is our age or, in the case of New Year’s, the date. Not to mention, at the beginning of a new year I never feel like the new year has actually begun until, like, March.

How many of us make resolutions and quit within a few weeks or days? Is there really a point? It makes me think about the intent/attitude behind those resolutions and goals. How are we setting ourselves up for failure? For one, if we’re honest with ourselves we’d admit to making resolutions we have no intention of actually doing. Second, we aren’t realistic about what we can actually accomplish. It’s good to dream big, but big dreams happen with small change. We also fail to take things into consideration that could hinder us from hitting the mark. Things such as our finances, mental state, time of life, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not saying that making resolutions and goals are bad. I’m simply stating that when you sit down this week to think and write down your goals for 2018, consider creating goals that you are passionate about, mentally ready to face, and capable of grasping.

I’ve made some of my own goals for the new year. Personally, they consist of things like taking steps to become financially secure, beginning to build my savings, and multiple goals for bettering my spiritual life, as well as growing closer to the important people in my life. I’ve also made a goal to reach out to at least one new person every week.

What I really want to share with you here are some of my creative goals for 2018. Some of these will leak over into my personal resolutions as well since they pertain in a general way, but I’m primarily speaking to this year’s creative endeavors.


Goal #1: Be intentional.

The word “intentional” is going to be my motto for 2018. Too many times I’ve let decisions make themselves and it’s time for me to stop being fearful of making them myself.

That may sound strange, so let me explain. I have a natural tendency to be indecisive. I get fearful that I’ll make the wrong decision, and by “wrong,” I mean make a decision that I’ll end up regretting. In instances where I’ve started something and failed to finish, even if it was for a good reason, I end up making myself feel guilty for not finishing or switching gears and changing my mind. So my indecisiveness causes me to just wait so long to make a choice that something ends up happening which basically makes the decision for me. Or, I just go along with what others decide for me.

A lot of this indecisiveness used to come from low self esteem. Over the past several years, that factor has improved by leaps and bounds, which I’m very grateful for. Then this past year I began the process of being more intentional with my decisions; having confidence to make a choice and taking steps to allow myself the grace to change my mind. This year, I want to improve that even more.


Goal #2: Gain 50 new followers (or more) every month.

This should be a very straightforward goal, but it’s not. At least not when you don’t naturally have people flocking to your pages. So I’m going to be doing some more research on how I can make this a reality. To start, I’m going to be petitioning my current followers to help by spreading the word, participating in some giveaways, and giving input.

I need to know what kind of content everyone is most interested in and I don’t want to be seen as a blogger who is just doing this in order to talk about themselves or pretend to be an expert on something. I need to know what I can do to improve, intrigue, and involve, making this something that’s actually valuable to others.

So this goal starts now. I’m asking you to share your thoughts with me and spread the word–this depends on you! 


Goal #3: Perfect one new recipe and one new DIY/craft project every month.

I’m going to continue to post at least once a week. Each month, I’m planning to include at least one new recipe, one new DIY/craft, and one photography centered post.

The rest is going to depend on the kind of response and requests I receive! So send them my way!


Goal #4: Go on more microadventures.

This goal coincides with the photography centered posts I’ll be featuring. By the end of 2018 I want to have a renewed sense of adventure and a newfound love for Florida.

I came to Florida originally for college. For years I absolutely despised it because all I saw was the rising temperatures, my sunburned skin, and flat earth. But Florida is where I live and it’s time to stop doubting it’s beauty. I’m ashamed that I have for so long (except for when I’m at the beach, of course).

I also refuse to let my lack of funds continue to dictate my love for adventures. Getting outside has always been one of my favorite things and that, paired with photography, make me forget about everything else running through my head.


Goal #5: Be a part of one home renovation project.

Now this goal–this is a big one. One of my personal goals is to have passed my Florida real estate exam by the end of the first week of February. From there I’ll be working my tail off to gain clientele and secure my first closing…rub, rinse, repeat.

By the end of 2018, I would LOVE to have stepped foot on a renovation site and started the learning process. Baby steps to making my bigger dreams a reality.



On another note, I couldn’t help but share some photos from our family Christmas celebrations!



If you’ve made it this far reading/scrolling, thank you. Thank you for caring and for taking the time to share in this journey with me. I hope 2018 brings you joy and opportunity and by your support, you’re granting me that same gift.

Here’s to intentional living and baby steps toward bigger dreams this year!

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