DIY: Super Simple Hanging Planters


Yesterday and today, I’ve been getting photos from relatives of snow up in Kentucky and the Midwest…in April! That is crazy. I don’t remember the last time we had snow in Kentucky in April. Down here in Florida, we are in full spring mode. The pollen has begun and all of the flowers and plants are overflowing at our local stores. So much happiness for this girl right here (I mean me, hah).

Y’all up north, hang in there! Hopefully, here’s a little inspiration and green beauty to get us all excited about the warmer season ahead.


I repotted my little Aloe plant to give it some more room to grow. 


And I planted these little beauties, too. Ferns are the BEST indoor plants. They’re relatively easy to care for and most don’t need direct sun. They add life to any space. 


DIY: Super Simple Indoor Hanging Planters

What You Need:

  • Jute Rope
  • D-Rings
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Beads (optional)

These hanging planters are so easy. They are my version of the macrame hangers you’ve been seeing all over Pinterest lately, but a lot more simple and way less time consuming. Don’t get me wrong, macrame is awesome and I will probably learn to make true macrame-style hangers at some point. However, I wanted a simple way to get the same effect and the thing that mattered most to me was to get my plant babies in the air! 

The steps are included below the photos so it’s a bit easier to follow along!


Step #1:

  • The first thing to do is measure how far down from the ceiling you want the hanger to be.
  • Take that measurement and add about 2-3 ft. depending on the size of the planter you’re using.
  • Then, double that length.
  • Cut four strands of rope that length.
  • Fold the four piece of rope in half by threading them through the Ring. This creates eight pieces of rope, total.
  • We’ll call this the “Hanger”


Step #2:

  • Cut another piece of rope about 1-2 ft. long
  • Hold the hanger in one hand and the shorter piece of rope in the other
  • Rest one end of the shorter piece of rope at the top of the hanger and then create a “V” shape
  • Wrap the rest of the piece around the “V”
  • Then, thread the other end of the shorter piece through the bottom of the “V” and pull tight. This creates a Wrap Knot.

For a short video about wrap knots, visit this nice YouTube video by WoolAndTheGang:

This creates a secure knot that will not budge!


Step #3:

From here, I truly just made up my own knots that looked sort of similar to photos and tutorials of macrame that I have watched. Some of them were even regular double knots.

You want to group the single strands of rope into twos, creating four double strands.


Then, the important part is creating a webbing effect for the planter to sit in.

  • Start the webbing bout 2 – 3 ft. before the end of the rope (depending on the size of your planter)
  • Do this by taking one single strand from the double adjacent to it (see left photo below) and knotting them together (see right photo below)
  • Continue to do this until you’ve reached almost to the bottom of the rope


Step #4:

Tie the rope off at the bottom with another Wrap Knot.

Step #5:

Place your plants inside!

Step #6:

You can get ceiling hooks at any home improvement store. I got mine from Lowe’s. Follow the instructions carefully and always have a spotter when up on a ladder!


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