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Walking Through Jerusalem, Part 2

1Temple Mount-7

The second day of the trip was by far the most culturally rich day of the tour. I will discuss matters of culture in a separate post later this week, but for now, as you scroll through these images it is effortless to begin soaking in the diverse nature of Jerusalem city-life. Some of my favorite captures from the tour are encompassed within this day.

We began at the Temple Mount and then made our way through the Old City, stopping at significant spots along the way. These included the Pool of Bethesda, several Crusader and Byzantine churches, and a traditional location of Christ’s trial, before arriving at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the place where Golgotha stood. We ended the day witnessing prayers at the Western Wall.

1Temple Mount-101Temple Mount-121Temple Mount-151Temple Mount-16

1Temple Mount-20
We saw several parades of young Jewish boys “marching to Zion” for their Bar Mitzvah celebrations. Family surrounded them with clapping and smiles; some were overjoyed and others were very serious.

1Temple Mount-21

1Temple Mount-23
View of the Western Wall from the entrance ramp to the Temple Mount.

1Temple Mount-35

1Temple Mount-41
(Me) Standing with entrance six in the background.

1Temple Mount-45

1Temple Mount-52
A Mosque now sits where the Temple would have stood in the 1st Century

1Temple Mount-571Temple Mount-581Temple Mount-621Temple Mount-64

1Temple Mount-69
There are eight entrances to the upper courtyard.
2Pool of Bethesda-81
Courtyard of St. Anne’s with beautiful garden and church next to the Pool of Bethesda.

2Pool of Bethesda-842Pool of Bethesda-862Pool of Bethesda-87

2Pool of Bethesda-92
Pool of Bethesda; You can see the extensive land fill that covers areas of Jerusalem from the time of Jesus.
2Pool of Bethesda-97
The group took a moment inside St. Anne’s to sing a hymn with the beautiful acoustics.

3Old City-1003Old City-1073Old City-1093Old City-110

3Old City-113
Walking along the “traditional” route of Jesus’ walk toward Calvary.

3Old City-114

3Old City-117
There were sections of pavement with the carvings of game boards (“casting lots”) made by Roman soldiers.

3Old City-119

3Old City-120
Sweet capture of a mom and daughter from the PNW that made the trip together. I enjoyed getting to know members of our tour from all over the States!

3Old City-128

3Old City-137
Jerusalem’s Old City

3Old City-1393Old City-1413Old City-147

4Holy Seplechre-149
Church of the Holy Sepulchre

4Holy Seplechre-154

4Holy Seplechre-157
Visitors line up to pray and kiss the rock of Calvary.
4Holy Seplechre-167
Prayers at the rock believed to be where Jesus’ body was wrapped.

4Holy Seplechre-1694Holy Seplechre-1704Holy Seplechre-173

4Holy Seplechre-174
One of our brave tour members having a moment in a Roman tomb!

4Holy Seplechre-1754Holy Seplechre-177

5Western Wall-178
Shops of all kinds were spread throughout the winding alley ways of the Old City.
5Western Wall-185
The passion of those praying at the Western Wall was so moving.

5Western Wall-1885Western Wall-194

6Jesus Trial-198
View of the Mount of Olives from the site thought to be where the High Priest Caiaphas lived.

6Jesus Trial-199

6Jesus Trial-210
Last stop of the day was at a lesser known area of the wall. One of the Florida College professors explained how this area could have also been a possible spot where Jesus’ trial took place.

6Jesus Trial-2156Jesus Trial-2206Jesus Trial-224

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