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A Bradley Birth Story

Many times as a photographer you feel humbled by what you get to capture on camera. Two years ago, I had the privilege of witnessing my nephew Jethro’s birth. A couple of weeks ago, my nephew Jude was born and I had the opportunity once again to go through the birthing process with my sister and her husband. There’s nothing quite as extraordinary as watching new life right before your eyes.

Joe and Laura are an amazing team; Joe is a great coach and my sister is a rockstar. She has had two successful natural (Bradley) births with two perfect little boys. And let me tell you, witnessing a woman go through a natural birth is one of the most female empowering and impressive things ever…just mind-blowing. I was so impressed with the knowledge she gained to understand the birthing process before having Jethro that I shouldn’t have been surprised at what a pro she was/is the second time around. Everything was calm and focused and it was an honor to be just a small part of the puzzle during those 12 hours.

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