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Paul & Whitney – Family Portraits

Apr 15, 2021

Let me just put this out there… if you’re debating whether or not to include your furry friends in your session, whether it be a portrait session or an engagement session, there’s no more debate. DO IT!! Our animals are part of our family and they bring us SO much joy! This will be absolutely apparent in your portraits when they are part of them!

Here’s a tip though: please have another human there to take care of your pet when we are shooting without them. Let me explain. This session with Paul and Whitney was so much fun and their dog Avi is the sweetest! Whitney’s brother came along (and got some updated headshots as a bonus) so he could walk with Avi while we were just getting some couple portraits of Paul and Whitney. This was SO helpful! My husband Cody came along this time so he could have helped with Avi if Whitney’s brother hadn’t been there. If neither of them had been there though, their couple portrait time would have been negatively impacted!

We LOVE all the furry friends, but definitely be mindful of having someone else there to take care of them for part of your session time.


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