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Mary & Alex – Engaged

Jun 9, 2021

This was our very first destination engagement session!! Mary and Alex will be tying the knot this November in Tampa, but they currently live near Washington D.C. Whether or not their engagement session should be at the National Mall wasn’t even a question! We were stoked at the chance to fly up for the weekend!!

We met in front of the Lincoln Memorial bright and early at 5:45am, just as the sun was rising over the Washington Monument. I’m not going to lie, the number of people present on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial kind of freaked me out… (didn’t all these people know we were the only ones supposed to be here?? Yeah right!). But we worked our posing magic and my initial fears quickly dissolved.

One thing we were super curious to see was the cicadas. We were in D.C. right at the peak!! When we first scheduled their session we were joking that Cody could carry around a broom in order to brush the cicadas off the memorials. But, that ended up not being necessary! We definitely heard them throughout the weekend but thankfully they weren’t as prominent downtown.

Mary and Alex met while they were in school at University of Florida. When Mary received her residency assignment for D.C., Alex moved with her. The rest is history! Just from spending the morning with the two of them, Cody and I could see how well they compliment each other. One of the sweetest parts of engagement sessions is the moment you see the couple “loosen up.” For Mary and Alex it was after the first time I told Alex to give Mary a light kiss on the temple. Her smile says it all!

We can’t wait to share their big day with them and their families this fall!!

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