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Posing for Success and What to Expect

Jul 16, 2021

Tips & Tricks For Posing During Your Portrait Session

Posing does NOT mean stiff. Today I want to share some of my tips on posing for success and what to expect during your portrait session with me! One of the most common things I hear leading up to sessions, whether that be an engagement session or a regular portrait session, is “We don’t know what to do in front of the camera.” I get it! If you’ve never had professional photos taken before, getting in front of the lens for the first time can be intimidating! I still feel awkward when the camera is pointing at me. As your photographer, I am not only here to provide you with beautiful images but to ease your apprehensions when it comes to posing during your portraits.

Another thing I get more often than I should is the request for photoshopping. There are certain things I automatically do for my clients for the BEST of the best of their images – pimple removal being the most common. But there are other things, such as liquifying body parts, that I don’t do. Here’s the reason why: NO ONE is perfect. We ALL have things about ourselves we want and/or need to improve about our bodies. The only exception to this rule is for the occasional double chin scenario, and I mean occasional. 99.99% of the time, I am able to use posing to camouflage areas of insecurity and help my clients feel their VERY best when they look back at their gallery of images. This is the beauty of knowing how to use posing for success.

Be Yourself & Don’t Be Afraid To Laugh

I am ALL about my clients simply being themselves and having a good time. I love getting candid shots and the real emotion that comes through in those images! But that doesn’t mean we can’t start with a pose that places you in a flattering position or angle. My encouragement during a session is to start in the pose I place you in, and then make it your own and have fun with it!!

Sometimes I will prompt interactions such as bear hugs, tickling, or kissing. Don’t be afraid to do those things when I haven’t asked for them! Make your partner laugh with a dumb joke. Spin them out to twirl, dance, or pull them in for a kiss. Ahead of your session, think, how would we act in real life when no one is watching? How do I normally express love to my partner?

Pop The Leg Closest To The Camera

Ladies, the #1 thing that can immediately flatter the legs and hips is to “pop” the leg closest to the camera. Usually, I will demonstrate this very thing at the beginning of your session! When you pop that leg, it transfers the weight backwards and creates a slimming affect through the mid-section.

Keep Your Shoulders Down

Gentlemen, stand up nice and tall with your shoulders back and your chest out! Ladies, resist the urge to pull your shoulders up near your ears. It feels cute but is not flattering in photos! Keep your shoulders down and show off your beautiful collarbone and neck. Remembering this also helps to remedy double chins! Throughout your session, I will remind you to keep those flattering angles.

Smile With Your Teeth

This should seem like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how many of us have the tendency to smile without showing our teeth (usually because we don’t like our teeth for some reason). When you smile with your teeth, it lifts the cheekbones and brings a more relaxed and genuine vibe. Believe it or not – what you emote during the session, whether that be happiness, excitement, love, or dread, that emotion WILL show in your final images. You have to genuinely express the emotion for your images to evoke happiness.

Wear Clothing That Flatters You

This is probably the MOST IMPORTANT tip. If you wear clothing that does not flatter your body, hugs you in areas you don’t want to accentuate or is difficult to move in, you will not be happy with your final images. I cannot control everything. Posing is helpful but it isn’t a miracle worker. If you’re having a hard time choosing clothes before your session, text me! Send me photos! I LOVE to help my clients choose clothing that will look great in their photos.

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