About Me

Being a creative person is both a blessing and a curse. How can it be a curse, you ask? I think of every aspect of my life within a creative mindset. It can be quite overwhelming. Whether it’s music, performance, photography, crafts, writing, cooking & baking, style, interior design, travel, or academics, my life is a sensational potpourri.

However, as I step into my early 20s, I am slowly stepping out of that supposed curse and into the blessing of my world. I’m learning to love my world filled with eclectic pursuits and endless possibilities. 

Currently, I’m transitioning into the world of self-employment; freelance photographer, designer, and artist. Hopefully soon I’ll also be a real estate agent in the state of Florida. I received my BA in Organizational Communication and a minor in Vocal Performance with Florida College in May 2016 and since then I’ve completed graduate studies with the University of Kentucky in Arts Administration.

I’m a Christian, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend, in that order. All of my passions stem from those identities. As long as they remain the same, everything else has, and will, fall into place.