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The Bubbles

Day four was one of my favorite days of the trip. We experienced a little remaining taste of winter walking around Jordan Pond; the breeze was blowing and the fog was rolling along the tops of the mountains. Along the shore path, the lake was crystal clear and we discovered little buds of spring beginning to… Continue reading The Bubbles

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Look for the Blue

When we arrived in Bar Harbor I immediately gave a sigh of relief. No more city, no more stress, no more travel, we were really on a break from everything. It had finally set in. Five years ago my family came up to Bar Harbor together for the first time. We did a lot of “tourist”… Continue reading Look for the Blue

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South to North

Isn’t it amazing that we can get on a plane and within just hours arrive somewhere on the opposite side of the country? Even the world? Going from Tampa, Florida to Portland, Maine might as well have been the opposite side of the world. Stepping off the plane, it was grey and misty and at… Continue reading South to North


The Nations Family

I met the Nations down in Riverview last Tuesday evening before their session. For those who didn’t already know, Laura and Joe are my sister and brother-in-law, so I was quite excited, and nervous, about this session with them. After dinner, we drove down to Apollo Beach. It was a little breezy out near the… Continue reading The Nations Family


The Winslett’s

I met Brenden and Lizzy at Lettuce Lake Park last Saturday evening. On the way there I was super excited because the sun was warm and bright and I was looking forward to those golden hour beams of light peaking through the trees. And then, about 20 minutes before six o’clock, gray clouds rolled over… Continue reading The Winslett’s


The Chandler Family

According to Merriam-Webster, a mentor is a “trusted counselor or guide.” No matter our age, I think it’s extremely important for us to have mentors–those who we can go to, confide in, and know they’ll give us dependable advice with only our best interest in mind. Two of the many mentors in my life include… Continue reading The Chandler Family

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DIY: World Map Mount

Two years ago, while I was in Kentucky for the holiday season, my family went antique shopping and I actually bought something. There’s this amazing antique store in downtown Louisville called Joe Ley’s; we tend to go there and spend a couple hours walking around every year. Of course, I always see a million different… Continue reading DIY: World Map Mount