Showers of Love

Hello, friends! It's been several weeks since I was here on the blog and if you were following along on Instagram, you know why...I was in Israel for two weeks! There will be plenty of photos in the weeks to come and multiple blog posts about some of our experiences during the trip. Until then, … Continue reading Showers of Love

5 Tips to Refresh Your Space on a Tight Budget

Do you have a list for spring cleaning? When I recruited my dad into helping me re-paint the apartment during the holiday break, I didn't realize it would turn into a full-on deep clean. But, it is amazing that it did! When you paint, you have to pull all the furniture away from the walls … Continue reading 5 Tips to Refresh Your Space on a Tight Budget

Year in Review 2017

  Do I even dare to reflect on everything that's happened in 2017? In short, no. No one wants to read that. But if you're someone who enjoys reflecting at the end of each year and preparing for the new year, perhaps this will be an encouragement to you of some sort. This year was … Continue reading Year in Review 2017

DIY: Blessings Board

I have no shame in admitting that it was tricky getting a good photo of this DIY project. You may have noticed the low chandelier in this dining space in my last project post, DIY: A Transitional Tablescape. Quite a few DIY projects have ended up on the walls in this area and that chandelier always … Continue reading DIY: Blessings Board

DIY: A Transitional Tablescape

With summer now a distant memory, and Thanksgiving just passed, we want to make a conscious effort to continue to be present in this special season leading up to the Christmas holiday. At the same time, there's no shame in indulging in a bit of home decor. And so, I'll share how we celebrated Thanksgiving … Continue reading DIY: A Transitional Tablescape